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Hello World
Hello blogdrive, this my first post here, it gonna be fun here!

Dark of the Moon
I'm not so sure that suicide is a bad thing
I mean if somebody wants to end their life, who am I to tell them they they're wrong.

kembali ke pelukan
Setiap malam cuma ngebayangin meluk Roy. Masih kerasa banget rasanya meluk dia sambil menciumi baunya. Masih bisa juga ngerasain kulitnya. Gimana gimana gimana caranya biar bisa meluk dia lagi? Pingin ngerasain lagi kepalanya yang menyender di bahu. Atau tangannya di melingkar di punggung dan bahu. Lalu sembunyi penuh di dadanya. Sumpah itu enak banget Satu-satunya kemungkinan kembali kepadanya adalah kalau dia sudah mengerti posisi aku, posisi kami, alasan aku meninggalkan dia. Yang mana itu tidak mungkin..

.: LifeHasBegun:.
planning to failed
Walaupun memang dah plan untuk gagalkan one of the subject, tapi bila dapat keputusan GAGAL tu, rasa macam sedih plak. Yelah, memang dah plan untuk gagal. Memang dah tau dah akan fail. Tapi bila tengok result macam tu, rasa macam dah kecewakan diri sendiri T___________T Full result akan keluar pada 3.8 nanti. Saya minta maaf T_______________T Selamat mengulang semula lah subjek tersebut di semester akan datang. Jumpa lagi lah dengan lecturer yang tu. Hadoih. Insyaallah. Chayok Laila.

My Worlds Escape
Over the last few months, I think I've discovered more about myself than I have in the last 26 (almost 27) years of existence. I've learned to say "no" to situations that I don't deem to grow me as a person. I've learned to do the things I want to do and not really care about the opinions of people. People will constantly judge you and to be limited by that is to only succumb to their manipulation and control. I've learned the true benefits of healthy living. Outside of the vain aspects of looking good, it truly is uplifting. From much needed boosts to self esteem, to increased energy levels, decreased health episodes, and a true appreciation for what makes life on earth so unique. Living an active life is what we are meant to do. Otherwise, why weren't we designed in a cage. No.. we were designed to be free, to move, to experience new things and to explore. One of the biggest defining features of the human experience has been our willingness and need to... (more)

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